Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Bat Returns

Hello there, Batties!

(Any Studio Ghibli fans will probably notice what I did with the title there!)

As you might have gathered from the sudden barrage of updated posts, I am back!

To cut a long story short, I moved my blog from here to my (then) new website, to try and keep everything in one place on a single central hub. But even though aesthetically it looked very nice, it's been an absolute pain to maintain behind the scenes. I updated it a few times, including giving it a new makeover and structure, but I found I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I did on here - what was technically my first ever author site.

While my main website is still up and running and will remain that way, I've moved the blog back here, reborn as E. C. Hibbs' Writing Desk. So I've dusted off the cobwebs and have a whole bunch of new and exciting content to offer!

What can you expect from the new blog?

BOOKISH RAMBLES - Every Wednesday
The centrepiece of Writing Desk, this weekly post will cover anything and everything from the creative world. There will be books, movies, my thoughts on storytelling, and more! Past posts that I've moved across from the website blog include:
and more...

WRITING TIPS - First Friday of the Month
A new YouTube series tackling some of the problems faced by writers.
(I take requests for subjects to cover so please let me know if you have any!)

TOP SHELF - Last Monday of Every Month
A book of the month feature, these posts will highlight a story I have read and present it with an honest review.

DESK LAMP - First Monday of Every Month
Here I will shine a spotlight on a fellow author and post an interview about them and their books.

In addition, I will also occasionally post cover reveals, book releases, and blog tours.

Outside of book-related things, there will be posts regarding my artwork, modelling with Alternative Fashion Fest, snippets into my daily life, and general news/announcements.

I hope you'll enjoy what's coming and that you'll stick around for more! To access the main website, please click the link at the top of the blog to be whisked away!

 It's great to be back!

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