Monday, 20 January 2014

Ten things...

Hi guys! I have some time to kill so I thought I'd put up ten things about myself which you may not know, just for a bit of fun! So I hope you enjoy reading these, and hope you all have a happy Monday!
1. One of my ancestors was a crew member on RMS Titanic.
2. I can't stand the taste of mint.
3. I have a general dislike of fungi. It's not a phobia, but I hate touching it and I simply cannot eat a mushroom. But I don't mind looking at weird ones whenever I'm out in the woods!
4. I have photosensitivity: my eyes don't do brightness very well and my skin can react to UV rays as if it's an allergy. (Came in very handy for writing about vampires!)
5. I've worked with over 80 species of animals, including black rhino.
6. I was in the choir in high school, but I quit after I tried to hit the high note in Silent Night... fainted, and fell off the stage! Needless to say, I haven't sung since!
7. I can recite practically all the Disney classics word for word. I think they would be my specialist subject if I ever ended up on Mastermind!
8. One of my favourite countries in the world is Greece - some of my earliest memories are of there.
9. I collect old books. Most of them are mid to late 1800s, but my oldest (and favourite) one so far is almost 250 years old.
10. I was once chased about half a mile by a hive of bees. Complete cartoon moment!

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