Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The theme song

I know I write books and not movies, but for pretty much every single one that I create, I end up putting together a 'soundtrack' of songs which I think go with them. It's all in fun, but I can get a bit obsessive about getting them in the right order, making sure I don't go too overboard on the numbers... et cetera! But usually, there is one song in particular which seems so perfect, it becomes a kind of 'theme song' - the track which I automatically think of when I imagine the story. Tragic Silence comes out in just over a month (whoohoo!) so today I was listening to its soundtrack to get me all excited. And I think it's the only book I've written which arguably has two of these signature songs. The main one, I won't say now, because in a way it's too perfect. But the other one, I wanted to share.

Yes, I know I'm cheating a bit since this is a theme song in itself, but I LOVE IT. Phantom is one of my favourite musicals and it was a huge influence on Tragic Silence. I haven't heard many versions which I haven't liked, and the one I used on the track listing is the Nightwish one, but this one from the 25th Anniversary DVD gave me chills. If I do a sort-of mental eye-blurring when I listen to this song, I can honestly see it going hand in hand with the vampires from the story.

Hope you like!

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