Thursday, 11 July 2013

Review: Empath (The Empath Trilogy #1) by HK Savage

Empath (The Empath Trilogy, #1)
5 / 5 STARS
Claire is an empath living a life of self-imposed exile. Off to college, all she wants is to disappear. But a chance encounter with Stephen, a boy with his own secrets, leads Claire to understand that her curse is a gift. And when Claire meets James, a vampire, their gifts connect and form a bond the vampire world has not seen for three hundred years. No one can guess where it will take them or how it will change them both.
What more can I say other than this is a great book? It had me hooked from the first page and I could barely put it down. The characters are endearing and real, and I really like Stephen in particular: one of the werecats that make up the Andrews clan. Claire is a really likeable character – her empathetic powers really pull the reader into her struggles to lead a life as close to normality as possible. I really sympathised with her attempts to blend in, just for some quietness in a world that is always full of emotional noise. But the arc that she goes through as she’s introduced to others who understand her, is wonderful to behold. She grows from being a rather introverted and shy character to a stronger more confident and person.
There are some really nasty villains in here too which I loved to hate, and the locations are brilliant, adding well to the depth of the story. The chapters set in Scotland were some of my favourites, especially when it came to the vampire court and the mysterious grandeur that surrounds it. As well as that, the titbit mentions of the huge vampire war really help to set the scene for the rest of the series. I really can’t wait to read the next two books! Empath is easily one of my favourite reads so far this year.

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