Sunday, 26 May 2013

The writing-bug is coming for me!

Hi everyone!
It’s been a pretty hectic month on my end! Ever since I got back from my field trip to Anglesey in April, I’ve been busy with my last taught assignment of this academic year. Let’s just say I wish I found 3000 words of report as easy as 3000 words of novel!
Around all that for university though, I’ve managed to complete the detailed-synopsis-walkthrough-thing for my new novel: The Tale of Jane Doe. It’s very exciting to see the bare bones all laid out at last! I divided it up into the chapter breaks last night, and now it’s ready to start fleshing out as soon as stuff with more pressing deadlines are behind me! I’ll be so much more relaxed when this report is turned in and I can let the writing-bug loose!
I’m very excited about this new project. It will be the first time I’ve done some proper writing for about a year – this time last summer, I was sitting my final exams, and then I threw myself into a three-book and 80-chapter marathon! I know that sounds like a lot but I really missed not having anything to work on in the meantime. Every single story is a different experience, but this one is going to take me onto some more unexplored ground. I’m not quite sure what genre it even fits into – offhand I’d call it a paranormal fairy-tale, if you can throw those two together! But I honestly don’t know; I don’t write stuff with a specific genre or age in mind. What will be, will be! I can’t wait to get started!
I’ve also nearly completed the book trailer for my upcoming second release, Tragic Silence! Yes, the title has changed slightly, with one word being booted off it, but everything else is intact and due out in November this year! There’s not much more that needs doing now with the video, so I really can’t wait to share the teaser with you – or the book itself, for that matter! For those of you who don’t know much about Tragic Silence, it’s set in Budapest, Hungary, and London, England, between 2005 and 2009. I’d roughly call it a vampire paranormal thriller – but like I said, I’m rubbish with labelling my own stories! I suppose the most important basic detail is that it’s a vampire story, but it’s less of a romance and more a psychological thriller. There’s not much that I have to show in advance for Tragic Silence at the moment, but I should hopefully have the cover artwork to reveal soon, so stay tuned!

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