Saturday, 27 April 2013

Staccato in Minnesota and Missouri... and back to work for me!

It feels so good to be able to say that at last! My spend-loads-of-hours-researching stage is drawing to a close and beginning to melt into the type-until-the-keyboard-is-worn-out stage. I haven't done any proper writing since last autumn, so now I've started work on the first draft of a new novel, it's such a great feeling. Anyone would think I'm a junkie for writing or something! Well, some folks need coffee; I need words. But chocolate is always welcome too, of course!
Anyway, while I'm here, I just wanted to throw out a word to anyone who's near Elk River, Minnesota. Staccato Publishing's very own Jacinta Maree has flown all the way over from Australia, and both she and HK Savage will be at Reading Frenzy Bookshop on Tuesday evening! If you like the sound of meeting them, make sure you check out the website by clicking on the link below! Tickets are essential but they only cost $10 so it's definitely worth it!
And, if you can't get to Elk River, check out the RT  Booklovers Convention happening at the Sheraton Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri from 1-5 May! Staccato Publishing will be there; you can meet HK Savage and Jacinta Maree, and there will be a load of goodies from the other authors too!

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