Thursday, 4 April 2013

A little update

Hi, everyone,

I just wanted to share a bit of news. It’s nothing scary but it will probably limit how much time I spend online. It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been doing that much for a few weeks anyway, but now I can actually put a name to things at last!

I’ve had trouble with the tendons in my right wrist for nearly three years now – I have absolutely no idea how I damaged them, but every now and then it gets very painful and I need to strap my wrist up so it can’t be bent or twisted. It’s annoying but I got on with it. A few days before Easter I noticed a lump just under the heel of my palm and went to the doctor to get it checked out. It’s a small ganglion cyst, something that can be caused by excessive repetitive strain – which makes sense because of the amount of stuff I use my right hand for. If I’m not typing a story I’m typing some assignment, or drawing, or photomanipulating, shooting arrows, practising karate, writing in general, randomly climbing trees...

In order for the tendon to heal I need to not use my right hand if I can help it, which means – surprise, surprise! – no excessive, repetitive movement! So all those things I love doing are either off-limits or left-hand-only, at least for a while. Hopefully if I can rest it well enough, the cyst will go away by itself; and I’d rather that than it get larger and need surgery!

So, like I said, nothing scary or serious but it means I’m going to limit the amount of time I spend online, and try to stick to typing with my left hand. At least after a few weeks/months of this I’ll probably be more-or-less ambidextrous!

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

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