Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Staccato Publishing 2nd Anniversary!

Staccato Publishing is 2 years old!!!

What do we do when we have a birthday? Have a party!

But instead of getting gifts, we're giving. All of Staccato Publishing's digital titles with the exception of CS Yelle's upcoming release, Taking Angels (3/26/13) are going to be $1.99 through the month of March starting on the 15th. If you've been pondering adding any to your collection, now's the time.

We have:

Second Sight by HK Savage, Book 1 of The Admiral's Elite
Blindsighted Wanderer by EC Hibbs
The Cult of Koo Kway by Jay Mims
My Demonic Ghost by Jacinta Maree
Thoeba by Donna Milward
The Five Santas by Jay Mims
The Path by HK Savage
Life Blood by HK Savage
Empath by HK Savage, Book 1
Bonded by HK Savage, Book 2
Secrets by HK Savage, Book 3

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