Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blog tour

Hi, everyone!

I hope 2013 is going well for you all! I just wanted to share some news with you: next month, Blindsighted Wanderer will be having a blog tour, thanks to Tam’s TwoCents and Bookend 2 Bookend! From 10th-27th February, there will be all sorts going on for me, Silas, Merrin and Raphael, across blogs far and wide! I’m getting really excited about all that – I had a lot of fun the other day, starting to get things ready – and I’m trying to get as much uni work done now as I can, so I can spend those 17 brilliant days back in the Elitland.

In regards to Blindsighted Wanderer, a huge thank you to everyone who’s bought themselves a copy, left me a review, liked my facebook page... I have no words for how much your support means to me!

In other news... apparently next week the temperature’s supposed to be plummeting to -15°C (5°F). I’m a bit sceptical that it’ll happen, since we heard something similar the other week and it just ended up being A LOT of rain. But hopefully it will actually go cold this time, and I’ll get that snow I wish for every single year! Or, even if it doesn’t snow, it just gets frosty... you can still go sledding with a plastic bag if not a sledge!

Hope everyone’s doing well!

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