Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

This is going to be a very small post as I've got A LOT to do in prep for the big day tomorrow, but I just wanted to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas. This has been an absolutely incredible year for me and I've made so many amazing new friends. It's truly been a year of dreams.
Around this time of year, the Elitland Valley is trapped in the fierce grip of winter. The green fields are buried beneath a blanket of pristine snow. In the villages, children play in the streets; every roof and window-pane stands crystallised with ice. The trees stretch skeletal fingers towards a pale sky. And to the west, the wall lies beneath a delicate lattice of frosted leaves and spider webs.
When I wrote the first draft of Blindsighted Wanderer almost six years ago, the setting was winter, not summer. That season didn't stick around for long as I reworked the story, but this year I can really remember the first version. In my mind's eye, I can see Silas standing at the edge of Fanchlow, his hair the only splash of colour against the snow, staring out towards the forbidden west.
It's funny to think back on that time. I haven't thought much about the first draft for a while, but now the year's drawing to a close, I can't really help it, since the story has come so far. It's reached a place I've only dreamed of. I owe all that to the team at Staccato Publishing; there's no other way to describe them than miracle-makers. Thanks to them, an amazing door has opened for me and I can't wait to see what will come. And a huge thank you to all my readers, friends and reviewers who breathe life into my story every time you open it.
Loads of Christmas cheer to you; have a wonderful festive day, stay safe, and be happy! May all your Christmas wishes come true! Here's to December, and 2013!

Friday, 21 December 2012

My author copies have arrived! Whoohoo!

Well, the world didn't end after all! That's a relief!

Anyway... hello, everyone! I've been a bit dead to the online world for this past week because I headed to my grandfather's house for a few days. That meant no internet but it didn't bother me too much, it was nice to spend some time with him. But I'm back now, and that means back to work! I have SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!! It's made no easier by me being determined to get as much of it done before Christmas as I can. But I just keep telling myself that the sooner it's done, the sooner it's finished. That seems to be my little mantra at the moment!

It's all alright though, because of what came through the post for me! I've had my graduation photographs and DVD, and my hard copies of Blindsighted Wanderer! It was so amazing to open the box and see a pile of very real paperbacks lying there with my name on them... I got pretty emotional to say the least! My mum's already claimed one copy and I'm still staring at the others!

I was also quite shocked to get back online and see that my facebook page has hit over 300 likes! That's pretty incredible, especially since over 200 of them have happened in December alone. I have the amazing Becky Johnson from Bex 'n' Books to thank for the vast majority of all the new support, so a HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to her!!!

In other matters, it doesn't look like here in north England we're going to have a white Christmas after all. It's going to be more of a wet Christmas! We have it quite easy compared to other places around the country I've seen on the news, but it's still pretty miserable out there! Hopefully it will all freeze at least so things look a bit more like a winter wonderland! But, my decorations are up, my presents are all wrapped. And my cat has decided that the tree is a giant new toy covered in shiny little toys! It's great to be back with her though. Nothing like a welcome home than loads of little teethmarks on your fingers!

Well, time for me to call it a day, I'd say. Hope you're all well, keeping nice and warm (and dry if you're anywhere in the UK!), and looking forward to next Tuesday! Merry Christmas everybody!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Giveaway with Bex 'n' Books

Hi, everyone!
There is a cool giveaway going on over at Bex 'n' Books! There's loads of brilliant author stuff you can win, including:
* 12 bookmarks from an array of authors, several signed.
* Lily Crussell mouse pad and pen
* Fearless by Tawdra Kandle signed t-shirt
* Blood of the Son stickers and wristband
* $5 Amazon voucher
To enter, head on over to Bex 'n' Books by clicking this link HERE
Giveaway closes on Sunday 16th December.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wow, where do I start?!

I woke up this morning to a hail of new likes on my Facebook page... that was a very nice surprise! To everyone who's clicked the 'like' button, thank you very much and welcome! And a HUMUNGOUS thank you to Bex n' Books for adopting me as part of Young Adult and Teen Readers' Christmas for Authors event! Head on over there to learn how you can win some really cool stuff from a ton of authors!

There is also a new review from Open Book Society about Blindsighted Wanderer here - I will warn though, it contains spoilers, in case you haven't read the book yet.

And my brilliant friend Jacinta Maree has a new interview and giveaway over at Paranormal Addicts - it's really worth checking out!
To all new readers on this blog, over the weekend I'm going to be giving it a bit of a clean-up. There are some links which don't work anymore because I've been moving stuff around, so please bear with me while I fix all that. The main thing I'm going to work on is the Bonus Material page. I doubt there will be anything new turning up in the next few days, but you'll be able to access the Blindsighted Wanderer playlist - a bunch of inspirational songs that I listened to while writing - as well as the original English legend that inspired the book. So anyone who's interested, check back soon!
Again, I'm so grateful for all the support I'm given; it really does mean a lot to me and I want to say thank you all very much. I really hope you'll enjoy reading Blindsighted Wanderer.