Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Celebrations and nostalgia

I'm still buzzing about how well everything's gone for Blindsighted Wanderer this past week. Yesterday I got some lovely bookmarks in the mail, and two of the necklaces, similar to the ones given away at the Young Adult and Teen readers release party. So tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a silver Sharpie and get some signing done!
I love them!
There's also been a press statement released by Staccato Publishing, about the dual release of Blindsighted Wanderer and HK Savage's Second Sight. It was featured in over 50 reports, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald, LA Daily News, Anchorage Daily News, and Sign On San Diego.
It feels very strange to think I've let Blindsighted Wanderer go now. I can still remember the exact date I began working on it: 1st February, 2007. I'll never forget sitting up in the eaves of a little cottage, watching the snow falling, and scribbling on a pad.
Almost six years later and it's like a completely different book. Not to mention it's being read by people all over the world, rather than hiding away in a cupboard! It's such an overwhelming sense of pride, with a little bit of anxiety thrown in. But it can only be good, and get better every day. More than anything, it's simply a dream come true.
But I have to admit, 2000 words of assignment still seems like Mount Everest!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. I know the feeling, after living for so long in your characters' worlds and watching through their eyes, it can feel pretty empty to finally step away. At least it'll live forever now, and so many people get to enjoy this amazing world you've built up too.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Jacinta! Yes, it is always a bit weird to see them go their own way at last. I really hope people will enjoy it.