Sunday, 4 November 2012

Blindsighted Wanderer: first review!

What a morning!!!  The initial plan was to head off to archery in the afternoon and shoot some defenceless straw targets... now I've had to add "run around the room like a headless chicken, grinning my head off!!!!!!" to the morning!

First, I woke up and found out that my favourite artist/author, Selina Fenech, has shared a fanart I did of her characters on her facebook page!!!... and then I saw the first review for Blindsighted Wanderer, by my amazing friend HK Savage.

I was so excited... I was pacing up and down while waiting for the page to load! And then I read it and it had 5 stars!!! If you'd like to read it, head over to the book's new page on Goodreads and scroll down to the review section!

Anyway, time for me to make a move up to uni! Wishing you all a brilliant day!

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