Wednesday, 10 October 2012

One of those update-things...

Well, quite a bit's happened since I last paid this place a visit! The main news to report is that I'm back at uni... now, I'm a postgrad student and I've got another two years scribbling notes and hiding away in the library! It was my first day today, eight hours of really sciencey stuff, and I've already got coursework! Two 2000-word essays that I need to hand in by January at the latest.
All I'll say is, I wish I could write a 2000-word assignment as quickly as a 2000-word chapter!
Speaking of books, I've been writing away, too... I've now got two more completed novels (the rest of the Trilogy of J'hura, following Phoenix Feathers), and I've started planning the next one. I won't begin it properly until sometime next year - a high fantasy trilogy in six months is one heck of an achievement but also one heck of a killer! So I'm going to have a little break and concentrate on getting everything just right before I plunge into this new story. But I'm very happy with how much work I managed to get done this summer, and finishing off a series is a really nice place to relax.
And for anyone who's interested in my upcoming first novel, all I'll say is that it won't be long now! I'm getting so excited... Watch this space!

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