Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bonus Material

Does this place look a little different?
I decided to give it a bit of a revamp for the upcoming release of Blindsighted Wanderer. I don’t have the final date yet, but it’s coming close, so watch this space!
There are also a few new links that you can check out, like Goodreads, and Bonus Material. On that second one, you'll find extras that tie into both Blindsighted Wanderer and My Tragic Silence. At the moment, Blindsighted Wanderer's section has the most links, but more will be added to My Tragic Silence soon, as well as other stuff like concept artwork.

In the Bonus at the moment are the soundtrack song listings for both the novels, research notes, and an English folktale. I honestly hope you'll enjoy checking them out! Go to the links bar overhead to have a browse!

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