Monday, 10 September 2012

Ya sas! (Hello!)

Hello, world! It feels longer than just over two weeks since I last sat at a computer, but not having phone or internet while lounging around on a Greek beach has been very nice indeed!

Well, I'm 21 now - got a big key and everything! And what a birthday it was! It feels really like the whole birthday was stretched over the fortnight; pretty much as soon as we'd settled into our little village on the south coast of Corfu, it began. My parents secretly brought a chocolate cake over in the luggage (I'm shocked that it made it in one piece, let alone unmelted!), as well as a load of light-up balloons and a new camera – which was put to good use!

After a morning at the beach and afternoon at the pool, we headed out for dinner... me with one of those huge 21 TODAY! badges about the size of a small plate. That was essentially the whole holiday in a nutshell: if it wasn't the beach, it was the pool. I snorkelled with fish, dived for shells, and got urchin spines stuck in my foot at one point! Towards the end, we spent a day in Kerkyra (Corfu Town), and had a brilliant time wandering the maze of backstreets before settling down by the harbour with a fresh feta cheese pie each (I'm going to miss those!).

There wasn't a cloud in the sky for the entire time we were there, and when we flew back, the majority of Europe was clear, too. From the plane, we could see Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium... we flew over the Alps and the Black Forest, and when we crossed the Channel, our first sight of England was the white cliffs of Dover from about 30, 000 feet in the air.

I'm a bit jetlagged, but nothing too bad. It's been a bit crazy ever since we've got home... not least because it was a bit odd to look up at the sky and see clouds!  And it wasn't long before we headed to my grandfather's house, and had a little family party with yet ANOTHER chocolate cake which was even bigger than the first!

So now I'm trying to get everything ready for if I manage to go back to uni for my masters. There's a lot to be done now I'm home... tidying up, writing, drawing, emailing... I'm going to be a busy bee! And I've also got a slightly-bigger kitten to keep amused, as she has now definitely hit the moggy stage of teenager-dom!

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