Thursday, 26 July 2012

Check this out!

My friend Jacinta Maree's debut novel, My Demonic Ghost, was published earlier this week! I'm so happy for her; I got my copy the other day and I'm finding it so hard to put down! It tells the story of Rachel, a girl who returns home to Whitehaven to visit her ailing father, only to become the host of a young spirit named Lock. It's an absolutely brilliant read and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal stories!

Visit Jacinta's Deviantart account and Facebook page, or the Darkest Night website for more information on My Demonic Ghost and how you can download it in ebook format! Honestly, it's really worth a look!


  1. Hello Emma,

    This is Jacinta Maree. Finally worked out how to use this website; LOVE your blog btw. Thank you for the mention in your post. You're awesome! xoxoxox

    1. Hey, you're very welcome! Aw, thanks - I'm still trying to decide what should be the background! Great to see your blog! xoxo