Thursday, 21 June 2012

Phoenix Feathers completed!

Today I finished the last re-working of Phoenix Feathers, and nearly hit the ceiling; I was so happy. It’s the first in my upcoming Trilogy of J’hura, and has come out at a very satisfying 85, 400 words long. I still have the two sequels to write – I want to try and get the majority of work on the second book of the series done by autumn – but even though I’m technically only 1/3 of the way through, it feels like a much bigger achievement.

I think that's mainly down to the J'hura novels being with me for almost eight years. I wrote the first drafts when I was 14, and fell into the world so much that my schoolwork went a bit downhill. But it was something I felt I needed to do, and even though I still grimace a bit when I think of those dips in my grades, I'm happy I spent so long trapped in the stories. Since those early days, the series has had a huge face lift of an edit, which is the main reason why I let it brew for a few years before writing it again. I wanted to make sure I got everything right, and as good as it could possibly be.

I can't wait to share Phoenix Feathers, but it will probably be a little way off yet. I still need to do the covers for the series and make sure all the ends will tie up nice and neatly. It definitely has a very different tone to my previous stuff. It's quite a dark story, with a fair load of bloody battles, although there's some dry humour and unlikely friendships in there, too.

I'll be setting up a page for the Trilogy soon, but in the meantime, I'm working hard on trying to get my driving test out of the way, while my brain's still in 'study mode'. Apart from that, it's full speed ahead with Phoenix Flight! Whoohoo!

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