Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Novel soundtracks

I always listen to music when I'm writing, and seven years ago when I was working on the first draft of Phoenix Feathers, I put together a rough soundtrack for the story - the first time I did. It began when one of my favourite songs, Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy, came on the radio, and struck a chord so deep that it directly inspired a whole scene in the book. I've put together soundtracks for all my novels ever since. I think the longest one was something like 30 songs, but now they tend to be around 15-20 tracks long. Still not the shortest, but I hate things beeing too short!

Anyway, you can now get the soundtracks for Blindsighted Wanderer and My Tragic Silence by either clicking on these links or visiting the novels' pages. They both have 17 songs, but at the moment there's no accompanying playlists for either. I tried to use music with not only corresponding lyrics, but sound as well, so Blindsighted Wanderer has a lot of medieval folk, whereas My Tragic Silence is more alternative.

I hope you enjoy listening to them! Thanks for visiting!

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